Fiction Feeling Frame
16–17 JULY 2021
16–17 JULY 2021

Linn Phyllis Seeger
Venice, Italy

Linn Phyllis Seeger is a cloud-based artist and PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art in London. Operating at the interface between photography, video, and 3d modeling, Seeger’s work is rooted in digital imaging and online media. It examines the ways in which we navigate the private and public spheres of our password-protected personalised interfaces, social networks, and urban spaces. Of specific interest within Seeger’s practice and research are contemporary modes of communication and intimacy enabled through digital correspondences. Seeger’s first monograph chronicling the ecstasy of communication within a digital romance, was published by Italian independent publisher Skinnerboox in November 2020, and recently nominated for the Author Book Award at the Rencontres de la Photographie Arles.

For the occasion of ‘Relay’, Linn Phyllis Seeger contributed images from her work in progress ‘0N0E’.

Her collaborative video piece with Canadian visual artist Gianni Something will be screened as a parallel performance during ‘Relay’.